Exciting accessories from renowned interior designer in Navi Mumbai

Expert tips from interior designers in Navi Mumbai can make the room look better without much of an investment sometimes. Interior plays an important role for any real estate agent to sell a property to a buyer, as the visual pleasure is possible only with the help of a right interior designing.


Interior designing is an important part of the building, as it displays the quality of the construction. Only a right interior designer in Navi Mumbai would be able to take care of multiple things to make the location or space look better with the help of different objects. Interior designing plays an important role to live in the beautiful environment, as it can change our mood either from positive to negative or the other way around.

interior designers in Navi Mumbai

Here are several important aspects to design a house:

Pleasant Furniture

Furniture is one of the most important household accessories, which is openly visible and most seen by a guest. As people would look forward to sitting on a sofa and by facing a wardrobe or a tea table, it is important to have pleasant and appropriate furniture for the style of the room.

Flooring in every room

Flooring comes in different types depending on the room and environment. Different kinds of stones are being used to floor a bathroom, kitchen, living room and so on. Quality flooring with appropriate shining helps you in adding pleasure while looking at the property.

Painting appropriately

An attractive and a pleasant painting are very much necessary for construction, as an attractive paint can change the way it looks completely. Only a professional would be able to mix the colors well and get a nice shade on walls in an effective way. Painting different in every room could be a good idea, but it is important to ensure that it is not over flashy.

Lighting in an efficient way

Lighting is more of an engineering work, which needs to be placed in the right location. Lighting could be irritating if it is falling on the people directly and obstructs the TV screen. It is important to look at all the possible angles and situations to ensure a proper lighting to the house, which helps people to enjoy the light in a positive way.

Electronic gadgets to use

Electronic gadgets are very much necessary for modern houses and for providing basic power for any house. Ensure to provide sufficient amount of space on the wall, which can be accessed to all the corners of the room. Some of the electronic gadgets like TV, AC, Play station spots are supposed to be planned while constructing the house, as it helps people to save space and use it effectively in the room.

Household accessories in the house

Some of the show accessories are very much essential to add a flavor of the room. As rooms are usually built on a concept, it can easily make visible with the help of display accessories in the room. It is important to choose the accessories wisely, as it could occupy the space in the house.

Realty Developers Hire Civil Construction Companies in Mumbai for Error Free Constructions

The real estate developers hire civil construction companies who in turn toil a lot to get the magnificent constructions in the designated location suggested by their client as per their design.

Are you wondering as to how tedious the job of a real estate developer is?! If so, you are mistaken! On contrary, the real estate developers hire civil construction companies who in turn toil a lot to get the magnificent constructions in the designated location suggested by their client as per their design. Although it is surprising, it is the truth that the real estate developers are only the brand and behind the screen are qualified construction team of professionals who execute the tiresome job with utmost precision to be completed under stringent norms and the tight deadlines.


Well it is almost the same practice for all branded real estate companies in Mumbai except a very few who own their own team of professionals who can well execute Engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) for their projects. The design and customer care will how ever be provided by the builder and the EPC companies on their behalf would get the job done. These companies are operational with a client contract with a panel of their own experts in the fields of civil construction, plumbing, electrical, maintenance works, procurement, engineering, interior designing etc and many more intricately related to the construction and completion of an architectural structure.

Services of an EPC company:

Turnkey projects:

They under take contracts to fully design build and equip a business/ manufacturing / service and hand over the completed project to the purchaser in an operational status for remuneration. Certain companies also take a contract to execute the developers design.

Interior fit out:

It is the process of creating interior spaces to suit for an occupation. They can be offices where the base construction work is undertaken by the developer and the fit out by the EPC Company.

MEP services:

Maintenance, Electrical and Plumbing are the three main intricate services the EPCs take up as these are post and pre construction services.

Civil construction:

They either design and construct or simply execute the developers design. This is the most crucial service provided by an EPC firm.

Since the EPCs are much professional in their approach, they under take the construction contracts on a large scale and follow the state of the art concept and cutting edge technology in their execution and design. The much reputed civil construction companies in Mumbai such as RNK use international standards for construction with globally renowned architects to get the best developments for their clients and charge accordingly. Since the constructions have to be timeless in model, design and structural elegance to earn the required good will in the market, they team up with the best panel of experts.

The documented contract between the two parties will eliminate any future discrepancies and get the best out of both to create sheer magnificence in terms of quality and aesthetics. This practice is being propagated to the other major parts of the country with the success of the civil construction companies in Mumbai.